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The Time to Paint

I love to paint, but I always thought that I wasn’t any good at it because I couldn’t turn pieces around as fast as other people seem to do. It can take me weeks, or months (sometimes years) to finish a piece. I can’t do anything about it. That’s just my method. I can’t rush it. I have to contemplate. I have to understand and forget and find my way back. I have to live in the spaces of inaction. I think a lot about the old painter in the movie Amelie and how he labored over tiny almost invisible brush strokes. There’s a beauty to how he takes his time, how he thinks about the relationships of the subjects. There’s something admirable in how he can’t finish the painting until everything about it resolves in his mind. I think that always struck as how I want making art to be. I want art to be mediation.

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